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Redox is a software that builds corporate org charts
using data from the shareholding of a corporation.
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Why Redox?



Redox was designed to build specifically corporate org charts. Thus, we elaborated shortcuts and features adapted for tax professionnals in order to increase their productivity.

Simple Integration

Integrating Redox to your firm is simple and fast. Thanks to internet : no download is needed. You and your team can access our app through your favorite browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.).

Built by Tax Professionnals

Our team of professionals elaborated simple solutions tailored to the needs of today's and tomorrow's law practices.
Automatic Layout
The orgchart is built autonomously as the user enters the corporate group data.
Manage shares quickly
With an interface specifically designed to manage shares, describing a business share-capital has never been so simple.
Cloud Based
Backup your work safely.
Shares orgcharts between colleagues.
Tax Transactions
Represent your tax transactions in different schematic steps
A platform rich in features.

Save and export your orgchart as an image or a PDF.
Collaborative Space
Add other members of your firm to collaborate on your orgcharts creation.
Compatible with Office suite
A orgchart created with Redox can then be used in any of Microsoft Office software (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.).
Convert Orcharts to Text
Convert a orgchart into plaintext so you can describe a corporate structure in plain words.
Orgcharts can be created in french or in english. The entirety of Redox and its features are also available in those two languages at all times.
Smart legend
Redox knows when fiscal acronyms are used in orchcharts. The legend of a orgchart will automatically be adjusted in order to define those terms.
Custom styling
Choose how your orgcharts look, so it can reflect the branding of your firm.
Type less, build more.
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